At Best1 Webhosting, we work hard everyday to make our service the ABSOLUTE BEST at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE.....and our clients love us!! You will too!!

Great Service!!
By Slingslang Productions      2/25/2002
Rating: 10

Comment Box: Tim, Thank you for one year of super support! Thank you for all the questions you've answered. You've always been there when we've needed you, returning our requests for help with speed.....And pleasantly!!! We are pleased to sign on again and wish you the best in the future!
George R. Engel
Sling Slang Productions

Best1hosting deserves it's name!!
By SJ   12/8/2000
Rating: 10
Best1hosting is an excellent service. Tim really cares about his customers! He even provides his phone number (you won't see that too often) so you can reach him personally if you need to! He has called me long distance to give tech support and advice. He was at one time a reseller for Super.Nu, but left them when he found out they were not treating their customers fairly and went into business on his own. Check out the reviews for Super.Nu at, you won't find one positive comment. Back to Best1hosting...again, truly the best. If you are looking for an honest, supportive webhost, check out the site at Signed, SJ A very satisfied customer

Easy To Work With ... I Highly Reccomend
By Gary Perryville, MO   11/6/2000
Rating: 9
Have found to be cordial, pleasant and extremely helpful. I was new to hosting and Tim was nothing but great. At, you will find a real person with a real phone number. Go for it! Gary

Great Service!!!
By Debra Boswell   10/5/2000
Rating: 10
I feel confident in rating this provider a 10. I've used many web hosting services and I will say that this company has exceeded them all. I have had fast installation and set up, exceptional value and the services have not only been fast, but friendly and personal. I highly recommend this company for your webhosting needs.

Extremely satisfied with
By DJ Hall   9/3/2000
Rating: 10
Before switching to, I spent several weeks researching and looking for a webhost that offered the best services at a reasonable price. When I came across, my first impression was that is was too good to be true. 500 MB Web Space, unlimited POP3 Email accounts, unlimited Traffic, high speed servers connected to 100 MBps backbones, freebies galore, detailed site reporting and 24 hour tech assistance, all with a 100% money back guarantee! I am happy to report that after almost a year, everything they promise is true. I am very, very satisfied with I am a web building instructor at a corporate training center and I recommend to anyone that asks about a good place for web hosting.

Good Support and Fast Service
By Lois Gunter      12/7/1999 12:27:00 PM
Rating: 10
I have had several hosts over the years, and the one that has met EVERY need I have had is I get answers to my questions PROMPTLY. When there have been a few minor problems, it has been handled IMMEDIATELY. I am very pleased with BEST1HOSTING, so much in fact, that we have already moved 3 clients to BEST1HOSTING and plan to move many more. :)

Fast Customer service!
Rating: 10
Congratulations on the fastest service I ever had! Keep up the good work! Certainly worth my money. Cheers, Horst

Best1Hosting is #1
By Scott Jordan      8/20/1999 5:32:00 PM
Rating: 10
Best1Hosting is truely the best host on the internet. For less than $20/month (with no setup fees) you get 500mbs, the blazing speed, and a user friendly service that anyone can master. There online support is the quickest i've seen, they are very patient, and understand your needs. And above all Best1Hosting allows practically any site you can think of, even MP3s! With setup completed in under a day, and a 90 day money back guarantee, there is no reason not to choose Best1. Best1Hosting is truely #1!!!